Louis Hong

Personal blog for Louis Hong.

Hi, I am Louis Hong.

I’m currently a game developer based on Seattle. Studying at the DigiPen Institute Of Technology.

I am the founder of Broken Taxi Studios. Currently we are working on a mobile game named “Speed Block”, a challenging game of a speeding block making tight turns in order to not fall off a collapsing lane platform. I really hope to share more about this game on the blog.

My Programmer’s Log

  • 8th grade (2010): I started learning Scratch, a visual scripting language; I made many games, including a fruit ninja copy which went viral on the website. I quickly moved on to Python and Basic; I made a few simple games with PyGame, an online chatting software and a proxy used to get around China’s Internet censorship.

  • 9th grade (2011): When the App Store became big, I learned Objective-C; I made really simple apps, like a “to-do” app.

  • 10th grade (2012): I learned Java; I spent all my time learning and making business/enterprise applications. I made databases & servers all the way to the client; The entire ecosystem. I learned the MVC architectural, Spring iOC framework, SQL, JavaScript & CSS, JSP, REST architecture, Java EE, AJAX, server administrating, bash, password hashing and salting. I made a crowd taught AI chatter that connected to China’s version of FaceBook, “WeChat”, so you could just chat with bot account and it will reply taught responses from another user. I also made a club management website with my friend Dale for my high school; I wanted to reward and log members contribution to the club, specifically for the news paper club I was in where it was crucial to work together to make each edition, sort of like GitHub for news paper. My user login system was most likely more secure then most of the login systems on the Internet.

  • 11th grade (2013 - 2015): This is when I really started to make games. I learnedLua, ShaderLab, Swift, C#. I pretty much understood any language that came in my way. I made really simple games with Swift, and publishing on the App Store. I made many Minecraft mini-games like soccer in Minecraft, and gathered some audience. Most importantly I learned how to use the unity engine. Oh my god is it fun! Every day of my summer I spend on Unity. I hope to publish the game “Speed Block” before Summer ends!

Contact me

Find me on GitHub / Twitter / Reddit or just say Hello at honglouis97@gmail.com.